Bird of Paradise, Trinity K. Bonet


Bird of Paradise, Trinity K. Bonet


Thrilled to have my illustration selected as “Winning Werk of Art” on Rupaul’s Drag Race.  I’ve made it a personal project to illustrate each queen as she was eliminated from the show until a winner was crowned. You can see the complete collection on my tumblr.


Elka’s Growing Up In A Changing World – Trailer


The trailer for a short film I worked on. Taking original art from a book by Elly Gross, a Jewish Holocaust Survivor, I added new elements in that style and animated her childhood memories. For any educators out there, Elka’s story is an excellent tool for teaching children about life in the 1930’s and the events leading up to the Holocaust. Directed by Lynne McVeigh.

Available along with the book at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and on

Kentucky Librarian Conference

Last fall, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Kentucky Librarian Conference in Louisville.  While authors usually speak at the year-end business brunch, President Tara Arnold Griffith thought it would interesting to have me share my experiences as an illustrator.  Many of the librarians work in elementary schools, so it was great to hear that kids are still enjoying the Warriors Manga series.

I really enjoyed my time in Louisville and was honored to be made a real Kentucky Colonel!  Thanks to Tara and all the school librarians who instill a love of reading in their students.

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Captain Greenbeard

My illustration of  “Captain Greenbeard” made the editor’s pick in Next Magazine’s annual Comics issue. The Captain is a well recognized NYC personality often seen at Riis Beach in amazing costumes.  He goes by many names  (“Rockaway Betty”, “The Queen of Queens”)  and is never without his pup and trusty parrot!