Warriors: Skyclan & The Stranger – After the Flood

The last book in the Skyclan trilogy is out today!  Will Skyclan recover from the flood and will Leafstar finally recognize Sol’s true nature?

When Tokyopop went under last year, I was a was in the middle of illustrating the second book in this trilogy.  I was a little worried about the conclusion of this trilogy but thankfully Harper Collins took over publication of the Warriors manga.  Very glad to have worked on the series and thanks to Lillian Diaz-Przybyl at Tokyopop and Erica Sussman at Harper for being such great editors!


6 thoughts on “Warriors: Skyclan & The Stranger – After the Flood

  1. O my god i am such a big fan of your art and i try to draw your art as much as i can and i wanted to say thank you for making the art for the books I am such a big fan 😛 🙂 =) =P

  2. Hello Mr. Barry! You and the Erin Hunter group are great artists and writers! I love your illustrations best! You guys inspired me to write my own books, and illustrate some parts! You’re hero’s and role models!! WARRIORS FOREVER.

  3. I very much love your art)) you have admirers even in Russia! ! ! I even started drawing that for me is unexpected)) I from Russia and I watch your blog every day)) I like your drawings for “Warriors-cats”))

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