A commission memorializing a beloved dog.


Pet Portraits

Hi! I’ve been very busy with work lately. I just finished inking and toning my last Warriors manga, Skyclan and The Stranger: After the Flood (sneak peeks to come soon), am working on some animations, and taking commissions for pet portraits.

If you are interested in commissioning a drawing of a favorite pet, e-mail – they make great Christmas gifts!  Here is my drawing pad with some preliminary sketches. The finals will be in ink and watercolor.

Pet sketches

Drawings start at $20!



I made this little drawing for my friend John. He has a very  cool and fearless cat named Nigel. They live on the top floor of a building in Long Island City and Nigel paces the edge of the balcony without a worry!  I guess he would be a member of Skyclan if he was a Warrior.

The illustration was done on a trading card size piece of Bristol. You can buy them in packages but I usually cut my own.  When I give them as gifts, I put the cards in those plastic sleeves and attach some magnets on the back so they can be put on the refrigerator.

I took some photos of Nigel last time we visited, so you can see the reference.

And here’s the view from John’s terrace. Imagine Nigel patroling the guard rail!

Manhattan view from Long Island City.

If anyone is interested in commissioning an illustration of their cat, contact me for details.