Special Effects

Been busy making tons of art but unfortunately, it’s nothing that can be posted online yet. A couple of children’s picture books are coming soon and  I’ve been doing a lot storyboard work which is awesome.  Storyboarding is a lot of fun as it combines my interest in film technique with illustration. The ad work is all very “top secret” but a short film has already been shot so hopefully I can share that soon.

The school year is wrapping up so I’m also busy with my after-school cartooning class. Below is a handout for a lesson on “special effects”.  There are some really talented cartoonists this year and several of them have utilized these techniques to make some awesome comics.  I thought I’d share the handout for other artists (and fans of cat fights).

Speed Lines

SFX, Emanata, Breaking the Panel

Credit goes to Mort Walker (creator of Beetle Bailey) for coining the term “Emanata”.


Warriors: Skyclan & The Stranger – After the Flood

The last book in the Skyclan trilogy is out today!  Will Skyclan recover from the flood and will Leafstar finally recognize Sol’s true nature?

When Tokyopop went under last year, I was a was in the middle of illustrating the second book in this trilogy.  I was a little worried about the conclusion of this trilogy but thankfully Harper Collins took over publication of the Warriors manga.  Very glad to have worked on the series and thanks to Lillian Diaz-Przybyl at Tokyopop and Erica Sussman at Harper for being such great editors!

Adventure Games

I just received my comp copies of Warriors: Omen of the Stars; The Last Hope by Erin Hunter, with another beautiful cover painted by Wayne McLoughlin.   Inside, is the seventh adventure game that I’ve illustrated.  These role playing games allow players to create their own Warrior cat who must deal with a variety of challenges, similar to Dungeons and Dragons.  I created art for the full color rule book and spot illustrations for a number of different scenarios.

Pet Portraits

Hi! I’ve been very busy with work lately. I just finished inking and toning my last Warriors manga, Skyclan and The Stranger: After the Flood (sneak peeks to come soon), am working on some animations, and taking commissions for pet portraits.

If you are interested in commissioning a drawing of a favorite pet, e-mail James@JLBarry.com – they make great Christmas gifts!  Here is my drawing pad with some preliminary sketches. The finals will be in ink and watercolor.

Pet sketches

Drawings start at $20!