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Kat Haddock, a 1940’s Detective fighting 21st Century Crime!


Trophy Room

Trophy Room

This is a piece I’ve been working on for a while in my spare time. Inspired by the production art found in the Disney Archive Series- Design book, the goal was to create the bedroom for a young prince in a story I’m developing.  Not sure where I’m going with this project but it was a fun piece to work on.  I certainly tried some new techniques and learned a lot in the process.

I’ve also been working on the character design for the prince.

Young Prince

In case you’re wondering, no the prince did not hunt and kill all those beasts!  Those are just a few of the creatures his father, the King has hunted.

Love is a Dairy Product

I’ve been busy working on  Skyclan 3, but recently took a some time to illustrate some concept art for writer/director Erin Kruger. Erin is currently pitching a number of projects in Hollywood and wanted a poster concept for a script titled “Love is a Dairy Product”. This was a fun departure from drawing Warrior cats and Erin provided lots of great reference material so I really enjoyed this side project.

Concept art for "Love is a Dairy Product" by Erin Kruger

Check out her site for the more info and to see the titled poster.