My Studio

Studio/corner of our kitchen in Brooklyn.

This is my studio, located in the corner of our kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  We’ve lived here for seven years. I’ve done A LOT of work in this space and grown as an artist. I think it’s about time for an upgrade though!   Our lease is up in July so I’m hoping we can find an apartment with an office space. Ben-David promises to cook more often if I get all of my stuff out of the kitchen. : )

Our cat, Milo usually hangs out with me while I work.  He likes to steal my erasers and last week he stepped in cup of inky water and tracked little paw prints around the floor! He’s still good company, though, and a great inspiration.

On the walls, I have some art in nice flea market frames. An original sketch of Beast Boy by Tim Smith III , an autographed photo of Dolly Parton  and an awesome drawing by Drew Rausch.  On the other side, some postcards that I change out every so often.

My supplies.

Lots of pens and ink on this great side table my mom bought for me. I built the little shelf myself.  On the wall is a postcard from Carl Titilo, one of my professors at the School of Visual Arts.  I sent him a copy of my first book and he wrote me a really nice note.  It’s always cool to thank your teachers.

My drawing table.

There are so many new characters in the Skyclan Warriors manga.  I have a lot of cats to keep track of in this trilogy.  It helps to have a print of each character to refer to while I am drawing. It’s important to make sure your characters are consistent.  BTW, the first book in the trilogy comes out July 5th!