Warriors: Skyclan & The Stranger – After the Flood

The last book in the Skyclan trilogy is out today!  Will Skyclan recover from the flood and will Leafstar finally recognize Sol’s true nature?

When Tokyopop went under last year, I was a was in the middle of illustrating the second book in this trilogy.  I was a little worried about the conclusion of this trilogy but thankfully Harper Collins took over publication of the Warriors manga.  Very glad to have worked on the series and thanks to Lillian Diaz-Przybyl at Tokyopop and Erica Sussman at Harper for being such great editors!



I recently received an amazing book called Walt Disney Animation Studios  Archive Series: Design as a gift and it features the pre-production art from a number of Disney films. It is so cool to see the work behind some of my favorite movies as well as learn more about the amazing illustrators who created the “look” for each film. I’m experimenting with some different techniques as well as learning Corel paint so I thought it would be fun to create some art in the style of different Disney movies.  For now I’m focusing on trees…

A tree in the style of "Sleeping Beauty"

I painted this piece while looking at the backgrounds for Sleeping Beauty. Eyvind Earle is the artist responsible for a lot of this film’s amazing design.

And here’s another tree, like one you might see in Snow White.\

A tree in the style of "Snow White"