Special Effects

Been busy making tons of art but unfortunately, it’s nothing that can be posted online yet. A couple of children’s picture books are coming soon and  I’ve been doing a lot storyboard work which is awesome.  Storyboarding is a lot of fun as it combines my interest in film technique with illustration. The ad work is all very “top secret” but a short film has already been shot so hopefully I can share that soon.

The school year is wrapping up so I’m also busy with my after-school cartooning class. Below is a handout for a lesson on “special effects”.  There are some really talented cartoonists this year and several of them have utilized these techniques to make some awesome comics.  I thought I’d share the handout for other artists (and fans of cat fights).

Speed Lines

SFX, Emanata, Breaking the Panel

Credit goes to Mort Walker (creator of Beetle Bailey) for coining the term “Emanata”.


How to Draw Graystripe

I created this guide to drawing Graystripe a few years ago. It’s always cool to see other artist’s interpretation of a character I designed so please send me any of your drawings!

You can download the pdf with additional pages here: Graystripe Drawing Packet.

His look and my style have evolved a bit since I drew this but the basics are still the same. Creating a character for a comic is all about deciding on features that make your character UNIQUE and EASILY RECOGNIZABLE. You want your audience to know “That’s Graystripe!” even if he’s drawn in a different style or by a new artist.  For Graystripe, it is the spikey tufts of hair, furry cheeks, bushy “eyebrows” and dark shadows under his eyes that make him so unique.

Here are some drawings of Graystripe as he has evolved from “Lost Warrior” to an appearance in “Crookedstar’s Promise”.